HypnoSynergistic Practitioner Certification

HypnoSynergistic Practitioner Certification Overview The HypnoSynergistic Practitioner Certification at Pathways to Health is a specialized program designed for those looking to enhance their hypnotherapy skills by integrating synergistic techniques. This certification focuses on the fusion of hypnotherapy with other therapeutic modalities, offering a holistic and multifaceted approach to healing and personal development. Who Should Enroll…

Pathways to Pain Management

Delving into the Session: Components & Their Impact on Your Well-Being This Pathways to Pain Management Workshop provides hypnotherapists with the tools necessary for hypnotic methods of reducing pain, and increasing comfort in clients with acute and chronic pain. Hypnotherapists will also learn a number of ways to help individuals direct their attention away from…

Intuitive Counseling 2: Mediumship

What we do in this class: The participants are taught how to conduct PSI Sessions (Psycho-Spiritual Investigation) to be able to bring souls that have crossed over, to heal relationships with those that are still in the human form. In addition, participants learn how to conduct house and land clearings to balance the energy in…

Inner Child Healing (ICH) For Hypnotherapists

What we do in this class: This weekend course is similar to Inner Child Healing (ICH) with a focus on teaching Certified Hypnotherapists how to use this method in their practices. 15 CEUs offered for hypnosis practitioners.

Hypnosis 5 – Past Life Regression & Spirit Release

What we do in Hypnosis 5: This is a Powerful Three Day workshop for students who have completed Pathway’s 100 hr Hypnotherapy Certification by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and a prerequisite for the HypnoSynergistic Practitioners Program at Pathways To Health. Many cultures believe in the concept that the Soul Continues after the physical body…

Hypnosis 3: Investigative Hypnosis – Indirect Methods of Uncovering

Module III -Indirect Method of Uncovering  This course builds upon Hypnosis II, using the HypnoSynergistic methods by adding natural, easy methods of uncovering the origin of the unwanted behavior, to activate the power of the deeper mind to create the new healthier pathways. This process is called Neuroplasticity or changing the brain patterns to ones…

Hypnosis 4: Transformational Healing

Module IV-Transformation & Healing The core of this course is a robust transformational healing process that helps clients release deep-seeded blocks for their personal growth and development, thus transforming the old patterns and creating new healthier patterns. (Neurogenesis) This module builds upon Hypnosis III, for the 100-hour certification with the American Board of Hypnotherapy as…

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